Today we are going to dig deep and guide you on how to use a Purifier. We will break everything down to make it easier for you to understand and use it without difficulty. But before we get started be sure to read "How to Clean a Purifier?" for best practices.


Put your concentrate in the dish.

No matter what concentrate you choose (wax, oil, rosin, or shatter), use very little in a quartz dish. It should be just enough for a single dab as it is tough to scoop the leftover concentrate back into the jar. Some prefer to dab directly from the pot, but one should be aware of the jar’s material, especially plastic. When melted with the heated tip, it produces fumes that are extremely dangerous for your lungs. 

Add water to the body for filtration.

Like the hookahs and rigs, even Purifiers need some water to filtrate and cool down the vapor’s temperature. Not every purifier features a filtration feature. In such a situation, it is better to dab at a low temperature.

Those pieces that got a filtration feature should be filled up to ¼ part of the entire body. It is perfect for some high-temperature dabs. The purifiers are designed to prevent the water from getting in your mouth while using it.

Attach the tip and mouthpiece with the body of the collector.

There are two types of tips that come with the pack, i.e., quartz, and titanium which can endure high temperature without melting down. Unlike Titanium, Quartz tip gives a purer flavor, but it takes time to heat up. Not every purifier includes a detachable mouthpiece. Some have an inbuilt mouthpiece.

Assuming you have one with a detachable mouthpiece, secure the tip and mouthpiece together with a clip. The tip gets heated as high as 700 degrees. If not secured properly, it can drop on you and cause some painful injury. 

It is time to use a Butane Torch or an Enail Coil. 

Heat the tip to the temperature you like. While heating the tip, move the flame all around to ensure the tip is heating up evenly. Keep your palm around a fist away and see if you can feel the heat radiating. It is perfectly heated if you can feel it.

Heating the tip at a single point could be hazardous. It will burn the concentrate instantly on contact. You never know when it gets fragile and explodes. 

Place the Tip Next to the Concentrate and Inhale.

After you heat the tip or the nail, put it on the dish containing the concentrate and with your mouth inhale the mouthpiece. On the contact of the heated tip, the concentrate will instantly vaporize and travel through the body. The water will filter the vapor and cool it down for a fun experience. If you cannot see the smoke, it means the tip isn’t hot enough. Before taking another dab, clean the tip with a tissue and reheat it. Make sure you don’t heat it when coated with the concentrate; otherwise, it will get burnt and impossible to clean.

Purifiers differ in design and styles, but all of them function almost in the same way. Once you get a hold of the primary process to use it, you can use any of them. Hope you found this guide of some help to start dabbing.