Purifiers are the trending new way to relish smoking your favorite dabs. You can use it to smoke almost anything. To make sure you enjoy your dab sessions every time, you need to give it a good clean up once in a while, like everything else. 

While cleaning your honey straw, you must remember that each piece is unique with intricate design, parts. Moreover, they are petite in size. If you are not sure of the best cleaning method for your Purifier, then it can get very tough. This blog piece is dedicated to helping you clean your aLeaf Purifier efficiently without any fuss. Let us get started now.

Ingredients Required for Cleaning a Purifier

For your ultimate convenience, we have also listed all the supplies you need. 

  • Salt
  • Water (running water will be fine)
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (for best result, use 91% or higher)
  • Plastic Containers or Bags (use separate ones for soaking the pieces in the solution)
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Q-tips
  • Gloves (if you don’t want your hands to get dirty)
  • Paper Towels

Cleaning a Purifier in 7 Easy Steps

  1. Disassemble all the parts of the aLeaf Purifier. Now, you will get the real notion of how dirty it has been. Place them separately, so it doesn’t slam into each other and break. 
  2. Fill up your container with the Isopropyl Alcohol and add salt to it and mix well. Try to pour in the solution you have just prepared into the pieces’ holes, so everything gets coated well. 
  3. Let it sit undisturbed for an hour. If you can leave it that way overnight, it will be even better. The longer it sits, the cleaner and newer it looks.
  4. Scrub and wash it under running water (make sure the water is room temperature). Sharp temperature changes can cause fractures in your Purifier.
  5. With some Q-tips and Pipe Cleaners, you can reach the difficult places and clean them thoroughly but make sure you use them very gently. While scrubbing, you may also need to soak it into the resin at times. It is the best way to attain precision in the cleaning.
  6. Rinse every soaked piece of your Purifier under running water for a few minutes, ensuring no leftover dirt particle or Isopropyl Alcohol. It is dangerous to inhale Isopropyl Alcohol fumes. Now, completely dry them off with some paper towels. 
  7. Your little rig is now clean and dry. It’s time to put every piece together and start smoking. You ought to be amazed seeing it now.

Take your own sweet time to clean your little aLeaf Purifier. If you do it right now, you don’t have to worry about it again for a long time. Depending on how frequently you use it, you should intend to clean it once every three to six months to prevent molds and bacteria’s growth. Moreover, cleaning your aLeaf Purifier allows it to last longer and perform better. 

So, when did you clean your aLeaf Purifier last?