Enjoying your favorite concentrates has never been fun and efficient with the latest new dab tool popularly known as a Nectar Collector. It is a portable vertical device that allows you to take a hit with maximum ease and convenience. The entire idea of a Nectar Collector is exceptionally convenient and innovative. Different kinds of Nectar Collector are available in the market, varying from glass and quartz to silicone. Like most rigs, Nectar Collector also got a neck, body, and heating tip.

Vapor travels through the neck, which often comes with a clip that prevents it from falling off. The smoke initially travels through the body. In the case of wet Nectar Collectors, the chamber needs to be filled with water. The premium ones may feature a diffuser or filter inside the body. The tip connecting the base is generally made of glass or titanium and works as a dabbing tool. Now, let us share how you can use a Nectar Collector in a few steps.

  1. Put a bit of concentrate of your choice in the quartz dish. However, some prefer to dab directly from the heat-tolerant jar that comes while purchasing the concentrate. It can be shatter, oil, rosin, wax, or anything. Make sure you put little enough so you can dab one time.
  2. Load it with water just like you do with water pipes and any other dab rigs. You are recommended to fill only up to 1/4th of the complete body length. Not only water helps to filter but also cools down the vapor. Kindly note, not every Nectar Collector comes with a filtration feature.
  3. Attach the heating tip with the mouthpiece (if it is detachable) and then with the body. Generally, there are quartz and titanium tips. Comparatively, quartz tip offers a cleaner flavor but takes slightly longer to heat up. The temperature of the tip can get as high as 700 degrees Fahrenheit. For this reason, it is vital to fasten it with the body using the clips provided.
  4. It is time to heat the tip as much as you prefer using a Butane torch. You can also use an Enail coil for it. We suggest you move the torch around the tip so it gets evenly heated. If heated at the same spot, it can quickly burn up the concentrate making it taste horrible and even make slight cracks in your glass collector, causing it to explode. Place your palm a fist away from the tip; if you can feel the tip's heat, it is ready for the dab. 
  5. Now, place the tip next to the quartz dish's concentrate and draw the smoke in through the mouthpiece. The tip's warmth will evaporate the concentrate instantly, and as it travels through the body, the water inside will cool it and give you a mesmerizing dabbing experience.

To conclude, use a paper napkin and clean the tip before reusing it. There can be burnt residue of the concentrate. However, ensure the tip is not hot while cleaning it. Hopefully, now you know how to use a Nectar Collector. Hurry up, starting dabbing!