What You Should Know About Using Honey Straw For Dabs


What You Should Know About Using Honey Straws for Dabs text over cannabis concentrate image

A massive increase in popularity has been noticed in using weed and cannabis in the past few years. Indeed, a lot of people are now inclined towards taking dabs. However, the process is not always easy to begin. For instance, while it has become all too common to use a honey straw for dabs, not everyone knows how to use the device.

Interestingly, with the popularity of dabs, a lot of easy-to-use devices have been introduced in the market. Most of them are highly user-friendly, and using straw for honey is a primary example.

If you are wondering how to use a honey collector for dabs, you are in for a surprise. It's actually pretty simple as you can actually inhale the vapor through a straw. Yes! You read that right! Taking dabs is easier than ever if you know the right product to use. 

It's not really surprising that so many people have started using a honey straw for dabs. And once you understand how to use a honey collector, you will be one of them! 

An Introduction To Straw For Honey 

First things first, before you try to use a honey straw for dabs, you have to understand how the device works. It's also referred to as a nectar collector. To put it in simple words, honey straw for dabs is basically a long-tube-shaped silicone. You can also think of it as a borosilicate glass pipe. You dab the concentrate via one tip while the other end is used for inhalation.

The market is filled with various types and styles of honey straws. Typically, it's a titanium honey straw that lasts for the longest time. 

What Makes Up A Honey Straw For Dabs?

Irrespective of the style, most honey strays have the same set of parts. Of course, the material can be different, but the design and construction pretty much remain the same. 

  • Mouthpiece: this part is usually made from glass or stainless steel. 
  • Battery: since the honey straw is a portable device, it is battery-operated. Typically, the battery power is somewhere between 300mah and 850mah. This battery is sufficient to provide you with around 40-50 puffs lasting 10 seconds.
  • Coil: this is the bottom end of the honey straw. It's the coil that you dip into the wax. Usually, honey straws have replaceable or interchangeable coils.
  • Quartz: These coils heat pretty quickly and lose heat at the same speed. Hence, they use more power and are capable of producing denser and more intense vapor. It's best for beginners to stay away from honey straws with quartz coils.
  • Concentration storage: some honey straws might also be provided with a small storage container. These containers have enough space to hold material for a couple of sessions. Hence, you don't always have to carry a dab jar with you.

How To Use A Honey Collector?

And now we come to the most important question of all. Yes, using this straw for honey is indeed pretty simple. But if you don't do it the right way, you won't be able to enjoy the vapor taste to its full potential. Therefore, it's time to learn how to use a honey collector perfectly.

  1. Start by gathering all the materials, including a torch, concentrate, and of course, your honey straw.
  2. If your straw has a water chamber, you have to fill it before proceeding. Keep in mind that all the pieces should be dry before you attach the tip. And all parts should be attached securely.
  3. Now, hold the honey straw with one hand, ensuring that the tip is pointed at a downward angle. This is particularly crucial if the honey straw has a water chamber.
  4. Light up the torch. The end of the flame should be directed onto the tip of the straw.
  5. Make sure that the heat distributes evenly by turning the dab straw. You can continue torching the tip until it begins to glow. Torching beyond this point will lead to overheating of the concentrate.
  6. Give it some time until the tip cools down. If you dab at a high temperature, the flavor can be destroyed. So you have to wait until the tip stops glowing. 
  7. Use your other hand to hold the concentrate container. Once you are sure that the tip has cooled down, place it into the dish and start inhaling through the mouthpiece.
  8. While inhaling, place your mouth over the straw and dip the heated tip into the concentrates. You can inhale as the dabs are vaporized and then pull your device away from the concentrate.

Remember, never drag the tip over your concentrate dish. Always place the top on the edges of the concentrate for the best taste.

Why Use A Honey Straw For Dabs?

You might be wondering why so many people want to learn how to use a honey collector. Why has this device become the preferred choice of most people out there? Well, it has quite a few benefits to offer.


  • For one thing, there's no need to load while using a honey straw. All you have to do is press, dip, and that's it. You can draw the vapor in no time!
  • You can make the most of your available wax via honey straws. Hence, you don't have to worry about wasting the wax. There's no risk of the wax being stuck inside the device, which would make it difficult to clean either.
  • While using a honey straw for dabs, you have complete control over your draws. You can determine how much you draw accurately.
  • These devices are portable and can be carried around with ease. And the ones with storage containers make dabbing even more convenient.


There's no denying that using honey straws for dabs isn't only efficient but also convenient and cost-effective. Since it's so easy to use, people who don't have much knowledge about dab devices can use it too. Indeed, if you are just stepping into the world of vapes and dabs, honey straws can be a potent tool. Learn how to use a honey collector and make the most of your concentrates!