HOW TO USE A 1) freezable coil bong 2) glycerin chiller attachment 3) glycerin dab rig


glycerin freezable coil beaker style bong with removable downstem - orange

When you hear the names "freezable coil bong or glycerin dab rig" they can seem like complicated things to use with lots of confusing parts. But, this is far from the truth. If you are overwhelmed by pieces with glycerin, keep reading!!

What Is A Freezable Coil Bong?

Freezable coil bongs use glycerin as their main ingredient. These bongs have been around in the smoking community for a long time, but they are now resurfacing with a bang. 

These coils are also known as the condenser coils, and they cool the smoke before it enters your lungs. The freezable parts are combined in your setup and as the smoke travels through this elongated path, around the coils, it will hit the hollow glass tube and decrease in temperature before it enters your lungs. 

The freezable bongs are available in two different types. One comes with the glass coil already attached to the detachable tube of your bong or for the other one you can get a glycerin adapter and fit it into the tube of the bong. 

The glass coils that are added to the bongs, are detachable. These coils are submerged in a fluid called glycerin. Glycerin is an FDA-approved liquid. It is non-toxic in nature and is also used in several cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food related products. 

How To Use A Glycerin Rig?

Figuring out how to use a glycerin dab rig can seem intimidating.Glycerin has several properties that make it best for use in a bong to get a better hit. Glycerin has a higher melting point than ice, so it won’t melt and mix with your water while you are taking a hit. It is made from fatty acids. This means that glycerin will not form ice particles after freezing or expand and break the glass. Moreover, it has a lower freezing point which means that glycerin freezes quickly, so you can use your bong with fewer breaks in between. 

You can use the freezable coil bong very easily. The glycerin coil is a detachable accessory, and it will come off smoothly. You can take the coil off and put it in the freezer. Make sure to put the coil in the freezer at least a couple of hours before use so that you can use it when it cold. 

You should also ensure to detach the coil and put it separately in the freezer. Don’t put the entire bong in as the glass can break and crack in cold temperatures. Also, it is easier to carry the freezable coil alone when moving it from one place to another. If you carry the whole bong, it can fall and break. 

The glycerin coil usually fits perfectly inside the bong, but it also comes with a keck clip. It is a clamp made of plastic or metal. A keck clip is used to fasten the joints of the glass together. You can secure the coil to the base of your bong with this clip to make sure they don’t slip and detach. 

How To Use A Glycerin Chiller Attachment?

The freezable coil is also known as the glycerin chiller attachment. It is an accessory to make your smoke colder and give you a cool hit from the bong. Glycerin has several amazing properties. For example, it doesn’t expand after freezing which makes it the best product to be used for cool hits. 

You can get a glycerin chiller attachment for any of your bong, but not all bongs support the installation of these chillers. These chiller attachments are placed in the freezer until they freeze and then added to the bong to cool down the smoke that travels from around it. 

It has two holes on either side of the tube. You can find the glycerin chiller attachments in different sizes such as 14mm or 19mm.

What Is A Glycerin Dab Rig And How To Use It?

Dab is the word used to describe different types of cannabis materials like wax, budder, crumble, sauce, or others. Dabbing comes from dab which refers to consuming the cannabis material by turning it into a vapor and then inhaling the vapor. 

Dabbing has risen in popularity and is now one of the most famous methods of consuming cannabis as this method provides an experience with several flavors and remarkable high hits. 

Cannabinoids and terpenes are extracted out of the plant matter to make dabs. The resultant material has a high concentration is very potent as most of it contains cannabinoids and terpenes. This is the reason the user gets immediate and hard effects right after using dabs. 

The best way to get the most out of the dabs is to consume them as soon as you turn them into the vapors. To do this, you need to have a set of tools used to vaporize the dab materials, known as the dab rig. 

The main bowl of the dab rig is called a banger or a nail. The dab is put in the nail and the heat is applied to this bowl instead of the dab material directly. For a smooth process, the nail should be able to tolerate a high range of temperature. 

First you use the torch in the dab rig to heat the nail then you wait for the nail to cool down. Now you put the concentrate on the nail and slowly start to inhale the vapors. There is a carb cap in the rig. Place this on the nail to get a better dab. Exhale as soon as you inhale. Make sure to clean your nail afterwards. 

Is It Safe To Use These Alternatives?

The glycerin used in the coil is perfectly safe for use. In fact, it is already used in several products you use daily such as cosmetics. You also have to be careful with the dab rig, but using these alternatives is not harmful to you. 

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