What Is 710 Friendly?

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You're probably familiar with "420" with all the associated marijuana use, but are you familiar with "710?" 

710 is another cannabis holiday, but it's not quite like 420. It doesn't matter where you are; the number 420 will always be associated with cannabis culture. It would be unusual to encounter someone who did not know what the April 20 celebration signified or the meaning of the associated slang terms, such as "420-friendly" or "sesh o'clock."

The phrase "710," on the other hand, is far more enigmatic. You'll have a hard time finding people who understand what 710 is outside of stoner subcultures, and its popularity pales compared to 420. All the information you need to celebrate 710, or "dab day," is below. Let's find out the 710-friendly meaning. 


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What is 710?

Are you wondering what 710 is? 420 is widely recognized as THE cannabis celebration among enthusiasts. But recently, another cannabis holiday has evolved to honor the proliferation of cannabis extracts. Any time the healing and joy of this plant may bring people together, we will celebrate it.

Where Did 710 Come From?

The history of the number 710 is obscure. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the simple fact that many older automobiles still employ oil caps from the 1970s and 1980s is responsible for the widespread confusion between the two acronyms. If you invert the letters OIL, you get the number 710. Since 2011, the number 710 has been commonly referred to as hash oil and other cannabis extracts, concentrates, and oils. 

As a result, July 10 is now recognized as a special day to partake in cannabis oils and dab. The widespread acceptance of 710 began with a short piece titled "710 is the New 420," published in LA Weekly in July 2013. One of the first events of its kind in Arizona, The Errl Cup, began in 2015. 710 has gained significant cultural significance in the cannabis and concentrates subculture due to the proliferation of digital communication.

710 Symbolism

This precise number represents the favored method of enjoying cannabis among aficionados. If something is "710 Friendly," it indicates it is welcoming to members of the cannabis culture who prefer to use concentrates rather than smoke their pot. 

Since dabbing and other concentrated intake are not always seen as the greatest choice for individuals experiencing cannabis for the first time, it may be helpful for cannabis newcomers to know that 710 may also refer to a space of increased cannabis consumption. A major selling point for many people in "710 friendly" establishments is that they are smoke-free.

We anticipate that the misconceptions and stigmas surrounding concentrates (and cannabis in general) will begin to dissipate due to the continuous legalization action around the country. 710 may soon overtake 420 as the most widely celebrated day for cannabis consumers.

The Advantages Of Being 710 Friendly

While "420 friendly" implies that toking up is fine, "710 friendly" can suggest that cannabis is welcome or that smoking is prohibited. It's also a sign that you're a regular cannabis user; most people don't recommend starting with concentrates.

There was a lack of clarity in smoking bans before the legalization of cannabis because its primary purpose was to ensure that public places were smoke-free to protect their customers from secondhand cigarette smoke (at the time, there was no need to differentiate). 

Laws enacted to prevent the contamination of indoor air with smoke from cannabis have also outlawed the use of explosive delivery systems like joints, pipes, and blunts. Heating cannabis without a flame (vaporizing) releases CBD without combustion or smoke, allowing users to circumvent indoor smoking laws. 

Even though raw cannabis flowers can be vaporized, many users have shifted toward vaporizing concentrates due to the convenience and anonymity they provide. To vape flower, you may need a costly, bulky tabletop device, while devices that are 710-friendly are frequently small enough to fit in your pocket.

Vape cartridges containing terpenes, distillates, and solventless alternatives are widely available at dispensaries. A standard water pipe with a quartz attachment can be used to vaporize dab waxes and oils instead of a slide or bowl. 

Also, companies have started to see the benefits of being 710-friendly when vying for consumption licenses. Vape n Play, which plans to launch its services before the end of the year, is one of an increasing number of legal places to smoke marijuana in Denver, Colorado, where only vaporization is permitted. These establishments have been granted permission to serve just vapes, making them 710 compliant.

710 Friendly Vs. 420 Friendly

Many people equate the term "420-friendly" with the use of cannabis and the phrase itself. Concentrates and dabbing are part of 710's specialized culture. To some, smokeless cannabis products include vaping as well.

Unlike 420, celebrated by all cannabis enthusiasts, 710 is mainly observed by those who prefer to use concentrates. Things labeled as "420-friendly" are welcoming to cannabis consumers at any point in their experience, while "710" is more commonly associated with seasoned smokers.

710 is not as easy to use for newbies as 420 is. Concentrates containing as much as 90 percent THC provide a significantly more potent high than smoking. Without expertise or tolerance, the acute sensation of dabbing and the high potency can be too much for some people.

Is Smoking Cannabis Oil 710 Friendly?

Shatter, marijuana wax and budder are all cannabis oil compounds once considered heavier than weed, although sharing the same plant origin. Many conservative critics on the internet and in the media referred to shatter as a "shatter drug."

As cannabis's popularity grows and more people use it for the first time, the negative connotations are fading. Therefore, the best way to learn to speak and understand 710 is to try it yourself.


Dab rigs are used to vaporize 710 oils instead of bongs for smoking traditional marijuana flowers. Vaping instead of smoking has many advantages over smoking, including being safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable than conventional smoking methods like joints and bongs.


By now, you know all about the 710 friendly meaning. Although many businesses, organizations, and individuals celebrate July 10 with sales and other activities, the holiday isn't nearly as significant or well-known as its more famous sibling, 4/20. 710 is aimed at a smaller subset of the cannabis community and has a narrower appeal. The 710 is a beacon for those who seek out concentrates, especially dab, as a mode of consumption.