How Do You Smoke Dabs Without a Rig?

how do you smoke dabs without a rig concentrate dripping into oil slab

So you've just been introduced to the world of dabbing, but you're asking yourself all types of questions like, "What is a rig?", "How do you smoke dabs with a rig?", "What is a dab?". 


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Cannabis concentrates, or wax, is called "dabs," and this is the newest way to get that sweet buzz. The best part about cannabis concentrates is that you can smoke them in a variety of ways. This article will cover all the numerous ways you can get that blissful high with cannabis extracts.


How Do You Smoke Dabs with a Rig? 

A dab rig is very similar to a bong. The only difference is that it has a nail for the cannabis concentrate instead of a bowl for the weed. 


There are two options when it comes to dab rigs. A standard rig or an electrical one. 


Standard Dab Rig


Using a standard dab rig is by far the most popular way to smoke dabs. Despite there being all kinds of fancy dab rigs, they all consist of the same basic components: a dome to capture the heat and vapors, a nail to place and heat the dab, a mouthpiece, and a water chamber. 


It's extremely easy to use a dab rig. Just take off the dome, use a butane torch to apply heat to the nail, place the dome back, use a metal dabber to add the cannabis concentrate to the nail, then inhale.


Electric Dab Rig


The electric dab rig or e-dab rig operates almost exactly like a standard e-rig except for an added benefit. The device heats the nail by itself, so you don't have to keep doing it manually. A huge advantage of the e-dab rig is that you get a lot more control over the temperature. 


When using certain concentrates, you need to keep a stable temperature to avoid bad flavors. This is why e-cigs are superior since you can precisely control the temperature. 


How Do You Smoke Dabs Without a Rig?


If you've ever wondered, "How do you smoke dabs without a rig?" then you've come to the right place. We've curated a list of multiple ways you can smoke dabs without a rig. 




This is one of the most convenient and efficient ways to dab. You can look for a vape pen that is rechargeable, and you can easily purchase the cartridges from the dispensary. Then all you have to do is screw on the cartridge to your pen, and voila! Just take a hit and enjoy.


If you already have your wax and you want to vape that instead of buying a pre-filled cartridge, then you're in luck because you can do that too! You can just buy a vape pen with a removable atomizer. An atomizer is the heating component and where you add your wax. 


This is how you can load your own wax into a vape:


  • Take out a small dab of wax onto a metal dabber. 
  • Disconnect the atomizer and then dab the wax onto the coil. 
  • Connect the atomizer to the pen. 
  • Now attach the mouthpiece to the chamber. 
  • Turn on the vape. 
  • Now inhale slowly so you can achieve the perfect level of heat and vapor. 
  • Enjoy!


Roll it Up in a Joint


Another effortless way is to just get some weed, rolling papers, wax, and a crutch. 

Depending on the type of concentrate you have, you can either break it down into small pieces and sprinkle it onto the weed you've rolled out on your joint or roll the concentrate into a thin rope-like piece and place it in the middle. 


Remember to wash your hands after handling the extract and before you roll the joint. 


You can also just sprinkle a little dab onto the cherry of the joint once you've rolled it and light it up. But this is not the best way to smoke dabs. 


You're all set to roll it up and smoke away! 


Use Your Bowl


This method is fairly simple and straightforward. All you have to do is fill the bowl half-full with some weed. Then collect a dab of concentrate with a metal dabber and drop it onto the weed. Then, fill up the rest of the bowl. Now light it up like usual. 


Use a Knife


When you're all out of options or feeling too lazy to make edibles, the knife method is the simplest way to seek that high. All you need is a metal butter knife that you heat on the stove or with a torch lighter, place some dab onto the knife, and inhale the vapors by using a straw. 


This is a quick and easy way to smoke dabs, but it comes at a price. A lot of the concentrate is wasted in the air while it is vaporizing, and it can be a bit dangerous as you have to be careful not to accidentally burn yourself.




How do you smoke without a dab rig or other alternatives, you ask? Try cooking your dab into edibles. This ensures a much stronger and longer-lasting high. 


Browse through countless cannabis edible recipes and just swap out the cannabis whole flower for your concentrate. Of course, you will need a much lower quantity of extract since it has a significantly higher percentage of THC. 


Cook the concentrate with butter or oil. This ensures that the cannabinoids are mixed with the fats. Now you can use any recipe for a soothing high along with a solution for the munchies. 




A healthstone is a special type of glass that is specifically designed to smoke wax with a bong or pipe. You place the stone in the bowl area of the pipe and position it in a way that the smoke comes out through the mouthpiece. Next, dab a little wax on top of the stone and use a butane torch to provide heat. Then take a puff like you would with a dab rig.



If you did not know the difference between standard rigs and e-rigs, you do now. We have provided a thorough list of all the different ways you can smoke dabs without a rig. Whether you prefer vaping or edibles, you have all the options in one place. So get your dabs and have some fun.