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What Does 710 Mean?

TLDR: 710 stands for oil upside down and represents the concentrate varieties of cannabis. Similar to how 420 is celebrated on 4/20, it is celebrated on 7/10. 

Did you know that most cannabis users consider themselves part of a community? In fact, if you are wondering, "What is 710 day?" then you should know that it is a recognized holiday among the members of said cannabis community. Believe it or not, it's true!

 710 is known to be a stoner term that is used to celebrate cannabis smoking in a very specific way - through concentrates only. No flower - which is how cannabis is typically portrayed in film. People refer to concentrates as oil in slang. These same people also celebrate the social use of cannabis together in recreation and socialization. It all helps to improve their quality of life. 

If you’re interested in learning more about 710, what it means, and why it is important, we've got you covered. 

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What Is 710? 

710 or 7/10 is known as the National Dab Day in the Cannabis Community and is celebrated on the 10th of July every year. It is widely considered to be a holiday among people who consume cannabis oil in different forms according to their preferences.

Wanna know something pretty cool? *whispers* If you turn 710 upsides down, it will read “oil,” which essentially refers to cannabis consumption in concentrate form. Also, this date was only chosen due to the fact that it reads “oil” as a cannabis reference. 

Where Does The Term 710 Come From? 

The term 710 originated from the old oil caps on cars. When these caps are flipped upside down, the letters 710 form into a word which is OIL. The term 710 makes sense now as it is used to refer to different terms, including oils, distillates, live resin, terpene extracts, and other things, including cannabis plants. 710 is also commonly known as the new 420 because it refers to a time for lighting up a joint on the 20th of April. 

History Of 710 – Among The Cannabis Community 

Most people who are familiar with cannabis culture know that history has had a trend of celebrating cannabis holidays in different ways. The cannabis culture runs 30 years deep and a defined history surrounds it. Similarly, there is also a detailed history behind 710 and how it came into being for the cannabis community. 

With a strong and ever-increasing following these days, 710 has been gaining recognition in all the countries it has been legalized in. Also, according to some people, the 710 holiday came into being when a group of individuals tried to introduce cannabis use among people and brought it to the mainstream... 

Moreover, a rap album was also released on the 10th of July in 2011 that featured cannabis-related references through songs. These songs were named 7:10, and another song was named “Boil That Oil.” The popularity of this holiday grew even further when the LA Weekly ran an article titled “710 is the new 420.” This article instantly increased the hype among cannabis users as they were being highlighted in the mainstream media. 

When Was 710 Introduced As A Holiday? 

Unlike the 420 holiday, which is associated with flower-style marijuana or how you have traditionally seen it portrayed on TV and film, 710 was introduced as a holiday much later. One of the most prominent celebrations of 710 was introduced back in 2012, but people used to celebrate this day much before as well. When cannabis use was legalized in the US, the use of cannabis became popular among people, and the oil extract also became widely available. 

Every year the 710 holiday is celebrated among people who are regular users of cannabis. Events and celebrations are held at different places where cannabis is legal, and Dab Day is an actual event that is properly welcomed by everyone. (Properly means by taking a dab or 3, of course!)

Meaning Of National Dab Day On 710 

Dabbing is a modern way to consume cannabis. Its ever-growing popularity among adults of all ages suggests that the practice will only get popular with time. Dabbing includes using concentrated oil for the administration of cannabis and then the inhaling of the ingredients. 

When this process is followed, it helps provide a stronger and quicker high and can be a good relief for patients who want quick results when they are not feeling well. 

While it continues to gain following, there are still people today who are new to the dabbing process, which is why they hesitate to try a dab when they are offered or take a leap of faith and buy a dabbing utensil themselves. In 2022, there are many people the world over who enjoy this practice, find relief in it, and also religiously follow the 710 events that happen every year. 

Reasons Why People Use Cannabis 

Social Purposes

    Most people who are known to attend cannabis-related events and occasions use cannabis for recreational and social purposes as opposed to medical. Cannabis helps them improve their quality of life, makes them feel better in the moment, and allows them to relax and concentrate on important matters with ease even though they don't medically require it. 

    Some cultures also encourage the use of cannabis as it is known to be a sign of good luck and prosperity. Even if cannabis becomes a regular part of other people’s lives, it's important to note that it doesn’t harm their productivity or ability to get things done despite the popular myth and stigma. 

    Medical Use 

      Besides social reasons, cannabis is widely used by people who require it for medical use. In fact, cannabis has been a part of the medicinal community for years now as a homeopathic remedy. It is used to treat a variety of problems including loss of appetite, anxiety, depression, and even mental conditions. 

      Cannabis is also known to be effective for people who have ADHD, post-traumatic stress disorder, cancer, arthritis, inflammation, and many other diseases. At times when pharmaceutical drugs do not suit patients, they opt for cannabis and end up finding immediate relief in them. 

      Get Ready For Celebration 

      Initially, when cannabis concentrates were introduced back in the day, many people were unaware of the celebrations and events that came with it. However, fast forward a few years, today people are using everything from vape pens to dab rigs, all of which make it easier for folks to consume cannabis in their desired way. If you live in a state where cannabis is legal, then you could always check out the 7/10 events happening nearby as well! It's a great day to make a new friend the aLeaf way.

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