14mm dichro colored downstem with gold aLeaf glass decal and honeycomb slits


Those who own a glass bong (probably like yourself) understand its importance well. How else would you be able to enjoy high-quality hits? Indeed, people tend to take utmost care of their glass bongs. However, sometimes, things don't work out and a downstem gets stuck in your set up, landing you in a sad stoner situation. And it's even more complicated if the downstem is broken... 

What should you do? How are you supposed to get the broken downstem out of the glass bong without damaging the bong itself!? Luckily, it's easier than you imagine. And you don't even need excessive tools for the purpose. 

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Why Do Downstems Get Stuck In Glass Bong?

One way to deal with a troublesome situation is to find ways to prevent it altogether, right? If you don't want to get entangled in the mess of answering the question "how to get a downstem out of a glass bong", you need to find out why it happens in the first place.

Typically, the downstem can get stuck due to wear and tear. Another reason can be the failure to clean it regularly. Yes, you have to clean your glass bong regularly if you want to continue getting maximum use out of it. (LOL and EW if you didn't know that.)

Debris and resin tend to build up between the downstem and glass bong joint causing the former to get stuck. Heat can also be the culprit. Heat transfer between the downstem, joint, and bowl causes resin accumulation along the downstem. This creates a seal making it challenging and sometimes nearly impossible for you to pull out the downstem.

How To Get Downstem Out Of Glass Bong - What You Should Know?

Whatever the cause of the problem was, now the downstem is stuck. And you are dying for a hit. What should you do? Naturally, you would want a solution that will solve the issue in a jiffy and preferably without a mess. 

The good news is, once you learn how to get broken downstem out of a glass bong, you will never have to miss out on a hit again! The solution is actually right there in your house!

Use Household Items To Get The Downstem Out

If the downstem is stuck and you can't get it out despite extensive measures, there's a simple tactic you can apply. 

Hang the glass bong upside down and put a vibrating item like a phone, electronic toothbrush, or razor near the joint. The vibrations will help shake the seal loose, and you can then pull out the downstem easily. It's advisable to keep a mat or some cushion underneath the glass bong. This will ensure that there's no damage even if the downstem gets dislodged suddenly.

Another option is to use a wire in your house. Make a hook or mesh at the end of the wire, stick it in the downstem and pull out really hard. The downstem will be out before you know it. 

If you can't find a wire, use a wire metal coat hanger. Reshape and hook the end such that it fits into the hole at the bottom. You can then hook on end and pull the downstem out.

Rubbing alcohol is readily available everywhere. You can pour it on the area where the downstem is stuck. Use a toothpick or something similar to loosen the space between the glass and downstem slowly. The downstem will be out in no time. 

Nothing working out for you? Still trying to find out how to get downstem out of a glass bong? There are some other methods you can apply. 

If you have pliers in your house, use them to free your glass bong. Turn them around and squeeze the handles tightly around the top of the downstem. Turn the pliers in a clockwise or opposite direction. This should get the downstem out.

However, you have to be careful. Metal on glass is a recipe for accidents. Naturally, you wouldn't want your glass bong to be damaged. So only use this method if nothing else works.

fumed colored 14mm swiss colored downstem with aLeaf glass gold logo

Using Hot Water

Mostly, you will be able to get the stuck downstem out via the household items we have described. But if it doesn't work out, you can use hot and boiling water to get the desired results.

The accumulated resin responsible for the downstem to get stuck loosens when you run hot tap water or pour boiling water into it. You can then twist or pull the downstem out. But you have to ensure you don't end up burning yourself in the process. Use oven mitts or safety gloves when you handle the hot water.

Sometimes, cold water can work too. When you run the glass bong and downstem under cold water and use your fingers to get the stuck piece out, you might get desired results sooner than expected.

A Word Of Caution While Handling Glass Bongs

We get it! It can be incredibly frustrating to deal with a stuck downstem. But many people don't know how to get downstem out of a glass bong and end up making crucial mistakes.

For one thing, never tap on the glass bong with items. Your glass bong will instantly break. Avoid hitting the bong with your hands or banging on it. Similarly, don't bang it onto a surface. Even if the glass bong doesn't break, its make will be destroyed, making it vulnerable.

Additionally, never try to get the stem out by heating the glass bong. Don't use any hot stove element near the glass. The glass will get hot pretty quickly and shatter to pieces before you even get some time to react. You will end up hurting yourself!

On the outlook, it might seem that heating will get the stem out instantly, but why put yourself in the line of harm?

There are plenty of ways to get the downstem out of a glass bong including super safe options. The best way is to use household items that wouldn't compromise your safety and will also keep your glass bong protected. Try them out. You won't be disappointed!

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