If you smoke, you know that one of the least fun parts about the habit is cleaning your piece. But it has to be done, my friends! Nothing kills a good smoke sesh faster than a hit from a dirty bong. And yet… there are so many cleaning methods! If you are a newbie, it can start to feel overwhelming fast. So if you’re starting to feel that way or maybe just feel like doing some light stoner research, this hub is for you!

Top 8 Cleaning Methods for Glass Bongs, Silicone Pieces, & Steel Pipes Too! 

As mentioned, we know there are a lot of schools of thought when it comes to cleaning pieces and not all are created equal, fam. That’s why we’ve compiled the top articles across the industry to help you keep your precious beauties clean and in one piece no matter their style or size. If we’re missing a must-read cleaning article, just let us know at info@aleafglass.com


pink and purple recycler bong with horn 14mm pink bowl.

Guides for Cleaning Listed Below 


1. How to Properly Clean Your Bong, According to Cannabis Experts by RollingStone
Counter-culture legend, RollingStone offers elevated advice on the subject. It’s not just you. Everyone’s water pipe starts to smell eventually.
2. How to clean a glass bong with alcohol 

       From the experts at aLeaf

3. How to clean a glass bong without alcohol

       From the experts at aLeaf

4. How to Clean a Glass Bong
We included this one for all you wikiHow lovers. 
5. How to clean a glass bong with chambers
From the experts at aLeaf 
6. How to clean a bong by Weedmaps

This one includes an easy-to-follow video! 


The experts at Moose Labs created an all-encompassing master guide. Meaning if your piece is glass, silicone, dry, multi-chambered, or just a single straw… they got you covered!

8. How to Clean a Bong: Foul-Smelling Resin, Mold, and Tar

This is similar to the above article but it has some fresh ideas. It’s a master guide meaning its advice ranges across household products and piece styles. It even includes some wild suggestions like upcycling denture tablets! Pretty dope.