5 Things You Don't Know About... the aLeaf Elite Spinner Dab Kit

The Elite Spinner Kit as seen here holds a special place in our hearts at aLeaf. Standing at 6 inches tall, we’re obsessed with this 10mm dab rig kit for many reasons, so we wanted to share some behind-the-scenes knowledge in case you love the piece too or are just curious and want to know more about its origin story.

portable dab rig, flat carb cap, quartz banger nail

1.This portable dab rig was designed 100% in house by our aLeaf founder. 

A lot of glass designs are rinse and repeat and there’s nothing wrong with that. Here at aLeaf, we prefer to do things differently. As 710 specialists, we are always in pursuit of learning more about the science of dabbing, which means product innovation is a must. Our cofounder worked for a year to make this piece what it is today and we’re proud of that. We know amazing things take time which is why we take product design very seriously. Every detail is carefully designed and the Elite Spinner Kit is no exception. 

2. It is tough as nails.

10mm pieces in general are thinner by nature as they are smaller, making them more prone to breakage. We know this at aLeaf, but because we’re the 710 specialists, we set out to make a 10mm recycler dab rig that was tough as nails. Just how tough you ask?

Besides the banger which is made of 99.9% Quartz, this piece is crafted using 100% Borosilicate glass. Borosilicate or boro glass (think Pyrex or the glass stuff you cook with) is extremely resistant to heat compared to other common glass. 

Quartz is best for dabbing accessories like bangers because it also has a high thermal threshold - even more so than Borosilicate. Since we know bangers and dabbing nails get hotter than typical flower bowls, we craft them with quartz to ensure they last sesh after sesh. 

3. It’s a ringer. (the smallest dab rig with the biggest punch)

Don’t let this piece’s size fool you. This ringer packs a punch. It’s our most efficient portable water pipe and one of the top of its kind in the market (if we dare say so ourselves). If you didn’t already know, typically, the smaller the piece, the more you sacrifice in function. But this is not the case with our Elite Spinner Kit…

Featuring a swiss-style showerhead downstem made with a Tungsten rod, this piece will put you out. Showerhead downstems are classic, but the fission or swiss-style is a newer take. Typical showerheads that you see are made with parallel slits that are cut with a saw when the glass is already cold. This is significant as this can increase stress fractures down the line especially when you’re dealing with a small size like 10mm. So we chose the swiss-style instead of the traditional as its diffusion holes are made with a Tungsten rod while the piece is still hot, making the piece stronger overall. The Tungsten holes are also way smoother compared to the jagged insides of the traditional style, allowing resin and other debris to slide off easily, leaving you with the percolation you want instead of tiny clogs. 

We also didn’t skimp on accessories. The banger is 99.9% quartz meaning it can take a beating, so if you’re trying to use this rig as a daily driver, it can handle it. The kit also includes 2 terp pearls and a spinner carb cap. If you didn’t already know, terp pearls help maximize product flavor profiles while the spinner carb cap increases the surface area of your dab, so your product is processed as efficiently as possible which saves you time and money in the long run.   

4. This piece was designed by hand! 

Yes, you read that right. While we certainly love our CAD files, our cofounder actually began this recycler dab rig design the old fashioned way: with a pen and paper. He started sketching one day after he noticed he had a variety of 10mm pieces to choose from but never one that worked as well as he wanted. It seemed there was always a product flaw that could not be easily overlooked - things like getting water in your mouth, not having enough percolation, breaking during regular use, or not recycling. So he went to work on some designs on his own, working through iteration after iteration, until he found a way to make the diffusion he enjoyed so much in his larger at-home pieces possible in an on-the-go format. And thus, the Elite Spinner Kit was created! 

5. A trip to Barcelona, Spain inspired this piece. 

We are always on the go, but this particular trip made us realize we couldn’t live without the quality of our at-home rigs. We just missed them so much while we were away. In the end, we purchased new ones while we were there and left them with friends as we didn’t have room in our bags on our return flight. 

Because of this experience, our main goal when creating this piece was to have something you can always take with you - anywhere you go. Even if you are in Barcelona living out of a suitcase! We hope you enjoy this piece as much as we do. 

Have you traveled with your aLeaf Elite Spinner Kit? If so, where to? Feel free to comment below or reach out to info@aleafglass.com to share!