With so many kinds of dabbing devices available in the market, it can be confusing to understand what a purifier is. For this reason, we have dedicated this blog to address all your doubts and questions.

In the last few years, the aLeaf Purifier has gained a lot of our attention. It is a trending way to dab with ultimate convenience and portability. Some call it a dab straw, while others call it a honey collector. These are small, intricate and generally made of glass. The device is named so because it looks much like the tiny hummingbirds that dip their beaks into the flowers’ sap to collect nectar. It has existed for only around two years now and has already become a popular alternative to the traditional dab rig.

Different Parts of a Purifier

A typical aLeaf Purifier kit contains three major parts that are required for dabbing.

  • Recycler Body. It shapes much like a large syringe with an implanted percolator. However, nowadays, there are several recyclers available in the market featuring unique designs. When you add water, the percolator works like a filtration system. It also chills out the vapor for a calm and pleasant dabbing experience. It has a creative design that prevents spilling once you fill water in it. 

Moreover, the recycler body also acts as a handle that you can grasp while dabbing. Some aLeaf Purifiers have defined grooves to support a firm grip, which also attributes to their beauty.

  • Mouthpiece Tube. Most of the dab straws are extended in length for ease of use. It prevents you from getting too near to the heated tip and also cools down the vapor. For this reason, a detachable mouthpiece tube is an essential part of an aLeaf Purifier.

It appears like a long duct with a flaring top. Don’t be surprised if you find brands redesigning it into a connecting mouthpiece tube that you can attach to your dab rig or bongs. Indeed, it is a brilliant, dabbing design.

  • Heating Tip. Every aLeaf Purifier has a tip that works like the titanium nail or quartz banger (standard dab rigs). It is generally made of titanium or quartz, which can withstand very high temperatures without melting. You would require heating it with a butane torch, so it gets heated up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, the concentrate evaporates instantly on the contact of the heated tip. Typically, the tip comes in two sizes of 10mm and 14mm, and the joint sex is always male. You can find them easily on both local and online headshops. 
  • Quartz Dish. Your aLeaf Purifier kit is incomplete without this dish. It is a container where you put your extracts or concentrates that you want to dab. Just move the aLeaf Purifier's heated tip around the dish content to vaporize it. Quartz can handle extreme heat and are easy to clean. For this reason, quartz is a go-to material for the dish. No matter your dish’s material make sure it can endure high heat without causing any unwanted mishap.
  • Clips. Every aLeaf Purifier kit comes with a couple of clips that secure the joining of the mouthpiece with the tip and the body. Nobody wants to get a burn from the fallen red-hot parts while dabbing. So, SECURE IT WITH THE CLIPS.

Silicone Purifiers

Silicone Purifiers are worth a special mention here. These are a new kind of Purifiers which doesn’t necessarily have a mouthpiece. They are designed to be super-compact and, thus, travel friendly. 

Why Dab with an aLeaf Purifier?

If we compare it with our traditional dab rigs, we find it much more convenient and handier. The standard dab rigs cannot be stuffed into a backpack or small luggage. Moreover, they are too fragile. Not to forget, the weight is too much to carry if you are traveling on foot. With aLeaf Purifiers, you can detach the three parts and store them conveniently. It vaporizes concentrate, resin, extracts, and others much more efficiently. What makes it the ultimate alternative to the traditional dab rigs that they offer you filtered vapor with all the flavors. This way, you can also prevent the danger of burnt concentrate and unfiltered smoke of the dab rigs. There is a wide range of aLeaf Purifiers to suit your choice and budget without compromising the quality. 

Hope, this blog is informative enough to help you find your best aLeaf Purifier. Check out our aLeafglass.com to find your dab straw and start dabbing.