Water Pipes are commonly considered to be hookahs but not reserved to that. It is a smoking apparatus that has existed for thousands of years. It features an integrated water filtration system that filters the harsh smoke apart from cooling it down and offering you an exotic experience. Undoubtedly, it has ignited a sense of excitement in adolescents’ minds. Around 500 years ago, smoking water pipes was a cultural tradition in the Middle East regions. According to the unearthed archeological evidence, they were made of copper back then. Today, this trending device is available in a wide range of designs and is primarily made of Glass and other materials. Smoking herbs and tobacco can get uncomfortably harsh, leading many to hunt for a better alternative. Thus, water pipes came into existence. At aLeaf Glass, we have dedicated this post to guide you by setting up your water pipe and enjoying it.

Water Pipes: How to Use Them

There are several kinds of water pipes available in the market categorized based on the stuff you will smoke. For instance, bongs are ideal for dry herbs, while dab rigs are ideal for concentrates, oils, and waxes. Lastly, some bubblers feature the water chamber right below the bowl. Now let us share a basic idea of how you can use your water pipe, but clean it thoroughly before that. Dry it with some paper towels or leave it to air dry before moving ahead; cleaning it after every session removes the previous session’s residue and gives you a better experience.

    • Fill the base with cold water ensuring it covers the bottom of the down stem. The water level will vary depending on the water pipe’s size but should not be more than an inch. Make sure there is enough air space for smoke dilution. Pour in the water from the opening of the mouthpiece. 
    • Time to prepare what you want to smoke. First, crush the herb. For this, you can use a pair of scissors, hand, or grinder. Pinch a portion of the ground herb between your fingers and drop it into the funnel-shaped bowl, which is on the outer side of the downstem. Don’t compress it; it should be light so air can flow through it. don’t pack more than half of the bowl if you are smoking alone. 
    • Find a comfortable seat near a window. Set your water pipe on a table. Hold the body of the bong with your non-dominant hand firmly. Relax, take a few deep breaths. Try putting your mouth onto the mouthpiece. Your lips should be airtight against the edge of the mouthpiece so that smoke cannot escape it.
  • Now lit up a lighter (a regular one will do) and tilt it to burn the herb’s edges inside the bowl. Doing so allows the herb to last longer. 
  • Please take a few drags while lighting it; as you drag, the heat will pass through the herbs, and the smoke will pass into the smoke chamber. Initially, you won’t be able to inhale any smoke; it will take a few breaths. As you continue, the smoke will gradually fill the chamber inside.
  • Now, stop heating the herb and inhaling but don’t remove your mouth. Depending on the design, you should be able to remove the bowl from the downstem. Remove it and inhale the smoke filling the smoke chamber. When you need to take a pause (as you cannot inhale all the smoke at once), cover the mouthpiece with your free hand.
  • Relax, hold the smoke inside for two seconds before releasing it for an optimum hit. Place the bowl back into the stem when you are done. When ready, light it again and continue.

Water Pipes Best Practices: Tips and Tricks

Here are a few best practices so you can use your water pipe and enjoy it thoroughly.

  • Once done, pour out the water, remove the bowl and clean it thoroughly with water. Wipe it dry using a paper towel and leave it somewhere safe to air dry.
  • Use a long, thin, and soft brush to reach deep inside the water pipe and clean well.
  • Double-check the water level to ensure it covers your stem’s lower tip and has ample air space in the base.
  • If you are new to it, sit near a table so you can quickly place the water pipe in case you start coughing a lot. Doing it near a window is ideal so that you can exhale the smoke outside.

Hope, you can now employ these best practices and use your water pipe with the utmost ease.