For those seeking a unique and unparalleled dabbing experience, aLeaf brings to you its eclectic range of Spinner Kits. Each kit has been meticulously crafted to not only enhance your dabbing sessions but to also ignite your creative spirit. Dive into our latest collection and discover which Spinner Kit resonates with your aesthetic and functional needs.

aLeaf Spinner Kit "Lava"

aLeaf Spinner Kit 'Lava'

Dive into the passionate intensity of the aLeaf Spinner Kit "Lava". Crafted with premium 99.9% quartz, this kit includes a sophisticated banger, pillar & cone insert. Complementing its design is the elegant glass top hat carb cap. With a size tailored for a 14 Male / 90 Degrees fit, this spinner kit promises a seamless and exhilarating experience.

aLeaf Spinner Kit "Tower"

aLeaf Spinner Kit 'Tower'

Experience the architectural brilliance with the aLeaf Spinner Kit "Tower". This spinner kit boasts a premium 99.9% quartz 14mm flat top banger, assuring quality and durability. Accompanied by a mushroom carb cap and two 6mm terp pearls, it ensures a consistent and enriched experience. Designed to fit a 14 Male / 90 Degrees setting, the Tower stands tall in both functionality and style.

The Recycler Spinner Kit

The Recycler Spinner Kit

Discover the Recycler Spinner Kit - the all-in-one solution you've been seeking. This highly anticipated kit features a robust Mini Recycler Spinner Carb Cap, a precision-crafted 25MM Flat Top Banger made from 99.9% Quartz, and two Terp Pearls to enhance your experience. It's available in a vibrant array of colors including Pink, Green, Blue, Purple, and White. Why spend time searching for the right components when the Recycler Spinner Kit offers the perfect blend of quality and style in one package?

The Elite Spinner Kit - Your Dream Dabber Kit

The Elite Spinner Kit - Your Dream Dabber Kit

Experience the epitome of excellence with the Elite Spinner Kit. Designed to redefine your dabbing sessions, this kit is enriched with a Heavy Duty Mini Beaker Spinner Carb Cap and a precise 25MM Flat Top Banger constructed from 99.9% Quartz. It also includes two Terp Pearls and is available in an array of playful colors: Pink, Green, Blue, Purple, and White. The 3" Honeycomb Downstem ensures smooth and enriched hits. With the Elite Spinner Kit, end your quest for the ultimate dabbing ensemble.

Spinner Kit "X"

Spinner Kit X

Discover the finesse of dabbing with the Spinner Kit "X". This exclusive kit encompasses a uniquely designed hat carb cap boasting a refined airflow mechanism. Accompanied by a 99.9% quartz terp slurper banger and complemented with two miniature pearls, this set promises a seamless and elevated dabbing experience.

aLeaf Terp Slurper Kit - Spinner Kit "Y"

aLeaf Terp Slurper Kit - Spinner Kit Y

Dive into the realm of dabbing with the aLeaf Terp Slurper Kit - Spinner Kit "Y". This deluxe set features a specially crafted ball carb cap, accentuated by a sophisticated airflow design. The kit proudly includes a pristine 99.9% quartz terp slurper banger along with a pair of miniature pearls. Suitable for various sizes and angles - 10mm, 14mm, 18mm, both 45 and 90 degrees. Experience dabbing like never before. Cheers to an enriched experience, crafted from 99.9% quartz.