Discover the exquisite craftsmanship and unique designs of the aLeaf Beaker Collection. This assortment features an array of distinctively styled beakers, each offering its own blend of functionality and aesthetics. From the elegantly fumed to the intricately frosted designs, these beakers not only enhance your experience but also serve as a testament to the artistry of glasswork. In this blog, we'll explore the beauty and features of each piece in the aLeaf Beaker Collection.

16" 7MM Custom Fumed Beaker

The 16" 7MM Custom Fumed Beaker is a masterpiece for enthusiasts who appreciate the finer aspects of glass artistry. This beaker stands out with its heavy-duty Grade A glass construction, offering durability and a premium feel. Each piece in this collection is unique, featuring a clear and fume color scheme that showcases the beauty of high-quality borosilicate glass. Its substantial size, coupled with the precision of its build, makes it a coveted item among collectors and glass connoisseurs alike.

aLeaf® 7MM Frosted Beaker w/ Ice Pinch Water Pipe

The aLeaf® 7MM Frosted Beaker is an elegant and functional addition to any collection, featuring a variety of dimensions to suit your preference. Crafted from premium frosted borosilicate glass, this beaker ensures durability and a high-quality experience. It includes a tree perc and a multi-slit downstem, enhancing filtration for a smoother experience. The ice catcher adds an extra cooling effect to your use. Available in a spectrum of colors including blue, pink, green, orange, and grey, it's as much a visual treat as it is a functional piece.

14" aLeaf® Frosted Paisley Beaker Water Pipe

Embrace style with the 14" aLeaf® Frosted Paisley Beaker Water Pipe, a true symbol of elegance in glassware. This beaker is not just about functionality; it's a fashion statement, inspired by the timeless paisley design that has adorned numerous styles and trends. Echoing the sentiments of Jessica Simpson, this beaker allows you to style your sessions with its dazzling frosted Paisley pattern. Available in vibrant colors like green, pink, blue, orange, and red, it's designed to be a standout piece in any collection.

8" aLeaf® Essential Beaker w/Carrying Case

The 8" aLeaf® Essential Beaker is the epitome of compact elegance and functionality. This beaker, standing at a convenient 8 inches, is ideal for those seeking a high-quality experience in a more manageable size. Crafted with 5MM glass tubing, it ensures durability and a smooth experience. The included bowl and ice catcher add to its functionality, making it a versatile choice for different preferences. This beaker is not only essential in its utility but also in its portability, thanks to the accompanying carrying case.

Bell Bottom Beaker with Tree Perc Water Pipe

The Bell Bottom Beaker with Tree Perc Water Pipe combines beauty and efficiency in its design. This water pipe features a bell-bottom shape that not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also enhances stability. The tree perc ensures excellent filtration for a smooth experience, while the essential ice catcher contributes to a cooler and more enjoyable usage. It's a clean and efficient choice for anyone looking for both style and functionality in their waterpipe.