Discover the artistry and functional elegance in aLeaf's Dabbers and Their Unique Styles. Each piece in this collection, from the intricate 6" Prism aLeaf Dabber to the innovative 3" Crystal Prism Dabber, is designed to enhance your smoking experience with its unique style and superior quality. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a newcomer to the world of dabbing, these tools are sure to elevate your sessions and showcase your distinct taste.

6" Prism aLeaf Dabber

The 6" Prism aLeaf Dabber is a stunning piece that combines functionality and style for an enhanced dabbing experience. Crafted with a resin handle and a sturdy steel tip, this dabber is perfect for handling your concentrates with precision and ease. The dazzling array of colors, including options like Rainbow, Purple Celestial, Wavy, and Pastel Swirl, adds a vibrant touch to your dabbing ritual. Designed to cater to both efficiency and aesthetic appeal, this dabber is an essential tool for any dab enthusiast's collection.

6 Inch Prism aLeaf Dabber

6" Honeycomb aLeaf Dabber

The 6" Honeycomb aLeaf Dabber is an exceptional tool for enthusiasts seeking precision in their dabbing experience. Crafted with a durable steel tip and a beautifully designed resin handle, it offers both reliability and style. The honeycomb pattern on the handle not only adds a unique visual appeal but also enhances grip, making it a practical choice for handling concentrates. Available in an array of colors like Blue, Teal, Purple, Pink, Black, and Grey, it caters to a variety of personal styles and preferences, ensuring that every dabbing session is not just about functionality but also personal expression.

6 Inch Honeycomb aLeaf Dabber

3" Crystal Prism Dabber

The 3" Crystal Prism Dabber is a nod to the cosmic allure of prisms, capturing the essence of Pink Floyd's iconic 'Dark Side of the Moon' album. This dabber is a compact version of the popular 6" Prism Dabber, retaining all its beloved features while presenting an array of prism-inspired designs. Its unique aesthetic, reminiscent of galactic wonders, adds a touch of excitement to every dabbing session. With options like 'Black Light', 'Day Trip', 'Light Show', and 'Milky Way', this dabber not only serves its practical purpose but also elevates your experience to out-of-this-world dimensions, one dab at a time.

3 Inch Crystal Prism Dabber