Discover the latest in compact smoking solutions with aLeaf's innovative product lineup. Designed for the modern smoker, aLeaf® has crafted an array of premium, portable, and stylish smoking accessories that cater to your every need. From the convenience of a 5" Silicon Water Pipe to the elegance of an 8" Essential Beaker, and the classic feel of The Straight Hitter and The Sitting Bubbs, each product promises a unique smoking experience. Dive into the world of aLeaf® and find the perfect companion for your smoking adventures.

5" aLeaf® Silicon Water Pipe w/ 45 Degree Banger

Embrace the ultimate convenience with the 5" aLeaf® Silicon Water Pipe, a must-have for the dabber on the move. This mini silicon beaker's compact design ensures it can be stashed anywhere without the worry of breakage. Crafted from durable silicon, it features a 14mm joint and comes equipped with a 14mm 3" Silicon Downstem, ensuring smooth hits every time. The multi-slit downstem percolates smoke efficiently, although it lacks an ice catcher. Available in an array of vibrant colors including Red, Orange, Mint Green, Aqua, Navy, Purple, Lavender, Grey, and Black, this water pipe combines functionality with style, making it a perfect addition to your smoking essentials.

8" aLeaf® Essential Beaker w/Carrying Case

The 8" aLeaf® Essential Beaker stands as a testament to classic design and functionality. Crafted with a sturdy 5mm glass tube, this beaker offers durability and a smooth smoking experience. The inclusion of an ice catcher allows for cooler, smoother hits, enhancing your smoking sessions. This essential waterpipe also comes with a bowl, ensuring you have everything you need to get started. Its sleek design and compact size make it an ideal companion for your smoking journey, easily storable in the accompanying carrying case, ensuring both protection and portability.

The Straight Hitter w/Carrying Case 17.5"

The Straight Hitter, towering at 17.5 inches, is more than just a waterpipe; it's a work of art. This masterpiece is accentuated with American slime color details, particularly on the ice catchers, where a sprinkle of expensive colored glass is added for a touch of elegance. The color matching handle bowl complements the overall aesthetic, making it not just a fan favorite but a statement piece in any collection. Its attention to detail and unique design reflect the essence of being 'lit' in style. Truly, pictures can hardly capture the beauty and craftsmanship of this exceptional waterpipe.

The Sitting Bubbs

The Sitting Bubbs redefines the concept of travel-friendly glassware with its detailed design and functional elegance. Featuring a built-in glass screen, it ensures your materials stay in place, enhancing the overall experience. The bubbler's pull is described as nothing short of beautiful, promising a consistently enjoyable use. Its unique design and quality craftsmanship make it a standout piece that you'll find indispensable in your collection, making every session memorable.