At aLeaf, we believe in transcending the ordinary. Our water pipes aren't just about aesthetics; they are a testament to craftsmanship, innovation, and functionality. Each design embodies a unique vision, turning a simple smoking session into an extraordinary experience. Dive in as we explore some of aLeaf's iconic water pipe designs that stand out in a league of their own.

9" Uni Cylinder Recycler w/Horn Bowl - Iris Water Pipe

Iris Water Pipe

Handcrafted to perfection, the Iris Water Pipe stands at an impressive 9". This unique piece boasts a uni cylinder coupled with a funnel perc, ensuring superior filtration for every use. Made with premium borosilicate glass, its resilience matches its elegance. The 14mm female joint pairs seamlessly with its complementary 14mm male horn bowl equipped with a screen. With a standout acorn percolator, this piece promises an unparalleled experience. Color choices like pink, blue, teal, purple, and smoke cater to diverse aesthetics, ensuring that the Iris is not just a utility but also a statement piece.

8.5" aLeaf Daisy Water Pipe

aLeaf Daisy Water Pipe

Experience the swirling embrace of the Tornado Perc within the 8.5" aLeaf Daisy Water Pipe. Elegant and efficient, this water pipe is a fusion of function and beauty. Crafted to perfection, it is available in an array of mesmerizing colors including purple, blue, and the mysterious allure of smoke. Make every moment matter with the Daisy Water Pipe.

Geometric Base Water Pipe

Geometric Base Water Pipe

The Geometric Base Water Pipe stands as a testament to artistry and function combined. Boasting a visually striking geometric 2D design on its base, this piece is more than just eye candy. Designed for enthusiasts who appreciate the subtleties of design, it offers features like the Showerhead Perc and the Ice-Pinch Tri Hold for optimal performance. This mesmerizing piece is available in vibrant SLIME colors and comes in two distinct sizes: 14" and 18". Crafted with premium borosilicate glass, it ensures durability and longevity. With additional features like an 18mm Female joint, a 14mm Male Funnel Bowl with a handle, and an array of colors from Purple to Blue, this water pipe truly stands out in both aesthetics and functionality.

9" aLeaf Tornado Recycler w/Horn Bowl - Apollo Water Pipe


Meticulously designed for both aesthetics and functionality, the Apollo Water Pipe stands 9 inches tall and epitomizes the perfect blend of beauty and purpose. This exquisite piece, often heralded as aLeaf's most captivating creation to date, boasts a distinctively vibrant palette including shades of Pink, Blue, Purple, Teal, and Smoke. Crafted from premium borosilicate glass, it ensures durability for an enduring experience. An accompanying horn bowl with a handle adds a touch of elegance, while the inline perc enhances the smoking experience. However, it's not just about the looks; this water pipe promises a seamless and refined session for all enthusiasts.

The Standing Bubbs

The Standing Bubbs

Regarded as the life of the party, The Standing Bubbs is a favored companion for every social gathering. At 7 inches in height, it’s constructed with premium borosilicate glass complemented by quartz. A built-in downstem percolator ensures a smooth experience, while its accessories include a ball carb cap, a 14mm 90D male banger, and a pair of 6mm quartz terp pearls. This elegant piece is available in an array of mesmerizing colors: Black, Purple, Green, Pink, and Blue.