Nectar Collector is a great new tool that helps you familiarize yourself with dabbing with much ease and efficiency. Like Dab Rigs, Nectar Collectors allow you to take a hit by vaporizing the concentrate like wax or shatter. It is also recognized as “honey straws” or “honey collectors” or “dab straws” for being a vertical apparatus. Presently, it is in much vogue in the dabbing works for its sheer convenience and handiness. If compared with the standard Dab Rigs, Nectar Collectors are pretty sleek, simple to use, easy to carry, and cheaper at times. 

If you are new to consuming extracts and concentrates and wondering if you should consider a Nectar Collectors or not, then this blog will get you sorted. Without wasting any more time, together, let us find out what is there in a nectar collector.

Nectar Collector: What Does It Have

A nectar collector can come in various styles and designs, but they consist of four essential parts.

  • HEATING TIP. With a dab rig, you will need a titanium dab nail or a quartz banger, while in the case of Nectar Collector, its quartz tip or titanium tip does the work. You can also see some ceramic tips in the market. Many think that it works properly only with oils, but that is not the truth. You can dab almost any concentrate you want, including rosin, wax, shatter, and many more. This tip generally comes in 10mm and 14mm sizes, plus the joint is considered male. 
  • BODY/RECYCLER BODY. Now comes the recycler body, along with a percolator forming the center part of the Nectar Collector. The percolator features a filtration system running on water. Like the dab rigs, nectar collectors also require a certain amount of water to filter the smoke and cool it down. It has a cleverly engineered design that prevents the spilling of water. You can and should hold the body firmly while dabbing. It is another role of the recycler body.
  • MOUTHPIECE TUBE. So that you don’t get too close to the scorching hot tip and burn yourself, these honey straws require an extension, a mouthpiece tube. It is a tube made of glass with a flared top. The mouthpiece also allows the vapor to chill a little more. For traveling purposes, you can go with the silicone nectar collector. They don’t always come with a mouthpiece making them very compact and travel friendly.
  • DAB DISH. When you want to avoid making a mess with that gummy concentrate, a dab dish comes in handy. Place your concentrate or extract in this container and tap it with the heated tip to vaporize it. However, a glass dish looks impressive but not practical. It can easily break when exposed to such tremendous heat. For this reason, quartz makes the best dab dishes.            

Lastly, there will be a couple of clips included in the kit to help you secure the joints. However, you will also need a scoop of your favorite concentrate. Apart from that, it would be best if you get a butane torch to heat the tip up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit to vaporize the concentrate on contact.